Saturday, 28 January 2017

My Happiness is . . .

My happiness is . . .

When I make a positive impact in some being lives even if they don't know it was me

When I start learning from the people I am supposed to facilitate

When every cat and dog are no longer living on the streets and have a family who loves them until the day they die

When my cats have a comfy, stimulating and easy to clean room all to themselves

When I have a space saving home that is highly functional to me and would take me less than 3 hours to deep clean
Yes, I find practicality and being organized very sexy

When I can just talk, hang out and just chill with none judgemental people who always have my back as I have theirs. I love you babes!

When I can enjoy anyone's company and intimacy where he finds me sexy just the way I think, speak and how my body looks like

When I always have enough cash in my purse to go buy my cats' food and litter

When I always have enough cash in my purse to shop for what I need

When I can differentiate between what I need and what I lust for and what I desire

When I always enough cash to give to the needy

When I don't wake up in a pool of sweat, short of breath and shaking because I have lost another battle with my anxiety

When I am old and frail, I would just die peacefully without being a burden to anyone

Even though my happiness doesn't look like your happiness, who are you to tell me that I am not happy?

Your happiness is . . .
When you have a miniature versions of you running around the house, getting good grades and be someone you can be proud of
Good for you for that is noble and good

Please don't wish it upon me
Because those are the things that makes YOU happy
But not me